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Many of our customers face a common challenge when it comes to having their equipment serviced: truck shops won’t work on the equipment and the equipment shops won’t work on the truck. Urban Repair prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all of your heavy-duty needs. Do you need some hoses changed on your boom and service on your truck? Do you haul equipment on a trailer and want both units inspected?  Urban Repair can do it all.


PM & Repair Services

Urban Repair provides preventative maintenance and repair services for small- and medium-sized construction equipment, man-lifts, zoom-booms, truck-mounted hydraulic equipment, highway trucks, recreational vehicles, trailers, 12/24 volts electrical systems, and wired and wireless remote control systems. 


Mobile  Services 

With a fully equipped mobile service truck, we can provide regular maintenance calls and handle almost any type of emergency breakdown.


Our rates are COMPETITIVE and our GOAL is to get your equipment up and running in a timely manner.

Truck & Equipment washing service
licensed inspection facility edmonton
Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Urban Repair is equipped to handle  structural inspections, welding, glass, tires and hauling of equipment.  We offer mechanical and structural inspections, as well as the Alberta Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVIP), ensuring the safety of operators, vehicles and cargo.

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